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Company Profile

A1 Life Sciences is founded in 2019 with A1 Capital investment support as a Sister company of RTA Laboratories. We provide R&D facilities for research projects, clean room production facilities for finished products and world-wide marketing network for ready to sell products.

A1 Life Sciences Laboratory
We are offering a new business model that provides a common platform for potential partners who are working in fields listed below and want to be involved in the global Biotech ecosystem.

Raw materials: oligonucleotides, thermostable polymerases, buffer systems
Innovative diagnostic assays, startup companies with new diagnostic products
Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction, Real Time PCR, Thermal Cycler, DNA Sequencing Instruments
New projects in Life Sciences and Diagnostics
A1 Life Sciences is aiming to turn ideas into products to carry them to the end users in a safe, practical, efficient and economical way.