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A1 EBV Real-Time PCR Kit is an in vitro nucleic add amplification assay for the quantification of Epstein-Barr Virus DNA in human serum samples. The kit is designed to be used as an aid in the management of transplantation patients with potential EBV infection in conjunction with all relevant clinical and laboratory findings.

A1 EBV Real-Time PCR Kit is perfectly designed to amplify and detect a highly-conserved region within the EBV genome by Real Time PCR. It is possible to monitor the nucleic add amount real-time, during the reaction utilizing hydrolysis probe method in which fluorescence emission increases proportionally to the DNA amount.

A1 EBV Real-Time PCR Kit has been validated for use with A1 Viral DNA Isolation Kit for its best performance.

System Sensitivity Linear Range
Bio-Rad CFX96 247 IU/ml 251 – 1 × 109 IU/ml
Rotor Gene 3000/6000 155 IU/ml 641 – 1 × 109 IU/ml
ABI 7500 2902 IU/ml 1332 – 1 × 109 IU/ml

Other Features

Target Region Envelope Glycoprotein GP350 (BLLF1) Gene
Sample Type Human serum
Standardization WHO International EBV standard (NIBSC code: 09/260)
Internal Control Added to lysis buffer during extraction.
Diagnostic Specificity %100
Storage -20°C

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Product Test Size Catalog No
A1 EBV Real-Time PCR Kit 25 Tests A1-09019025
A1 EBV Real-Time PCR Kit 100 Tests A1-09019100