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A1 Total RNA Kit provides a straightforward and rapid method for the isolation of up to 40 μg of total RNA from cultured eukaryotic cells, animal (insect, mollusk, bird, fish, reptile, etc.) and human soft tissues. Multiple samples of up to 1×107 eukaryotic cells or 20 mg of tissue can be processed in parallel in fewer than 30 minutes. Purified RNA can be used in many downstream applications such as RT-PCR, Northern blotting, nuclease protection assay, and in vitro translation.


Starting Material 10-50 mg Tissue, 200 ul Blood, 1 × 107 cells
Sample Type Tissue, Blood, Cell (Bacteria, Yeast, Mold and any culture cell)
Protocol Time 30 minutes (from tissue)
Technology Silica Spin Column
Downstream Applications
  • PCR
  • RT-PCR
  • Cloning
  • Genotyping
  • Sequencing
  • Next Generation Sequencing
Purity A260:A280 ratio: 1.70 – 1.90

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Product Test Size Catalog No
A1 Total RNA Isolation Kit 50 Tests A1-09040050
A1 Total RNA Isolation Kit 100 Tests A1-09040100
A1 Total RNA Isolation Kit 250 Tests A1-09040250