Mission & Vision

About Us

A1 Life Sciences was founded in 2019 with A1 Capital’s investment support, which is the sister company of RTA Laboratories.

A1 is a pioneering biotechnology company in the region. Our company produces smart and reliable in vitro research & diagnostic products, tools, and complete lab solutions ranging from academic research to routine healthcare applications with regards to a wide range of portfolios and references from thousands of professionals in 5 continents, 55 countries.

In addition to being the manufacturer of 6 different Covid-19 products with a monthly 3 million capacity. We provide R&D facilities for research projects, cleanroom production facilities for finished products, and a worldwide marketing network for ready-to-sell products.

A1 Lifesciences builds creative local partnerships for supplying reliable and affordable Covid-19 diagnostic solutions to both public(organizations) and private sectors. A1 leads all product onboarding steps, acknowledges its renowned client-centric approach, and creates value for its customers

We are also offering a new business model that provides a common platform for potential partners who are working in the fields listed below and want to be involved in the global biotech ecosystem.

Raw materials: oligonucleotides, thermostable polymerases, buffer systems
Innovative diagnostic assays: startup companies with new diagnostic products
Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction, Real-Time PCR, Thermal Cycler, DNA Sequencing Instruments.

Our Mission

We are determined to lead the way as a highly respected and diverse company that provides innovative solutions, services, and value to clients and communities on a global scale by combining the most creative ideas and the related infrastructure required.

Our Vision

A1 Life Sciences aims to gather global Life Sciences professionals ranging from academic researchers, industry specialists, and routine healthcare officials in one pot and transform this power into producing smart and reliable IVD & research tools, products, and complete laboratory solutions that are available on a global scale.

A1 Life Sciences delivers innovative ideas along with the highest quality production infrastructure to global markets with regards to a professional marketing understanding and the most qualified and practical way. Those who want to contribute to this platform are more than welcome to come side by side to combine such power to enhance the patients’ lives at their most and create a better future for humankind on a win-to-win scale.